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Why choose us?

As you know, we live in an era of high cooperation and information sharing. There are many choices in every industry. In the dazzling choice, Xiamen Changjing Electronic Technology co., ltd. has been committed to become the customer's last stop.


The company's traditional gene

To provide customers with the best quality products and services, this is not just a slogan. It has been ten years since the founding of the company. Our sole goal is to provide customers with perfect products and considerate services. We dig into the field of cable and enjoy it. We have accumulated a wealth of experience, which we want to share with all customers, and high-quality products and services are the best way to share.


Cost advantage

Our production base is located in Xiamen, China, an unparalleled international garden city. We have standard production plants, advanced automation equipment and a standardized production team. We guarantee the quality of qualified premise, the manufacturing cost advantage is obvious.


Complete product range

Our products are widely used in military aviation, video phones and mobile phones, medical equipment, intelligent cars, navigation ships and many other fields. We are good at USB cable, insulated wire, slingshot wire, aviation wire, aviation head connector wire, mutual inductor wire, automobile parallel wire auxiliary system, cold press terminal wire, auxiliary injection molding cable. We provide one-stop product service.


Product quality assurance

We, like you, detest inferior products. We respect international quality standards. Our products have passed iso9001:2015 standard, ROHS and UL certification. Professional quality engineer, all kinds of professional inspection equipment, product function and appearance 100% inspection. We are always willing to make a commitment for the quality of our products.


Technical advantages

We have an independent, young and innovative technical team dedicated to research spirit, we will consider the process characteristics of products before customers, timely find hidden problems, whether in OEM or ODM, the maturity of the process can prevent anomalies. Our ERP system is used to control materials and standardize the use of materials, strictly control incoming materials, from the first process to the last process, we control.


Team value

Our employees are our most important resource. We invite and encourage entrepreneurship and initiative. We recognize and reward achievement. We are committed to having a diverse workforce . We embrace and foster an environment that builds on the unique talents that come from people with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

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